Saturday, January 19, 2013

If we were having coffee together this morning...

I'd tell you "Good Morning!"
I'd tell you that my coffee is delicious. How is yours?
I'd tell you that I have to drink my coffee with creamer. I haven't got used to drinking coffee without all the bad-for-you sweeteners.
I'd tell you that I hadn't been drinking coffee for a while and when I wanted to start again, my coffee pot was broken. My good friend Tonya brought me up one of her old coffee pots that still work. She's the best! And now, I can join in on this Saturday morning coffee blog hop! :)

I'd tell you that having an adult coffee date is a lot of fun. A date away from the kids is long overdue. I'm hoping that Clint & I can manage to make that happen sometime in the next couple weeks.

I'd tell you that we have lots of snow on the way in our part of the country. I will enjoy it, since I really can't control it!

I'd tell you that it's way too windy outside for my liking. I hate the wind - it gives me earaches. Clint teases me about it, but I just can't help it. I'd also tell you that it's supposed to get frigid cold the next few days.
I'd tell you that I'm dreaming of living in a warmer place!

I'd tell you that I want to stay in my jammy pants, over sized long-sleeve, & my cozy socks all day. I probably can't, because I should really venture out to Walmart to stock up on a few items that we are running low on.

I'd tell you that my belly is getting bigger & bigger. I wish we were together this morning, because I could see  my belly moving, from this little girl wiggling around inside!

I'd tell you that it really doesn't feel like Saturday because Clint is working, but that's alright! We always enjoy & don't take for granted the time we do have with him!

I'd tell you overall we are doing well. The kids & me might be coming down with a nasty cold, but we can't escape that. I'd tell you that although it's cold & windy, we do have beautiful sunshine & for that I'm grateful!

After all that, I'd then tell you I'm sick of talking about me & I'd ask about you!!!
I'd ask how you've been feeling? What's new?
I'd ask what your Saturday plans are?
I'd tell you that I wish we were on our way to do something crazy, fun together!

I'd tell you that I'm loving this quote that I pinned on >MY PINTEREST<.

I'd tell you that I hope you find it encouraging too!
I'd then tell you that I hate to cut this coffee date short, but I better get breakfast started for my wonderful littles.
I'd tell you to enjoy your Saturday & I will too! :)

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