Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost Friday - But It's Our Friday

Friday is here in our household. But to the rest of the world, it's still Thursday!
Our weekend consists of 6 days - will be 6 much needed days off for Clint.
Working in single digits is no fun apparently.
I'm so blessed to be able to be home & not have to go anywhere in this frigid weather.
We've had days on end with really cold weather, teamed up with lake effect snow flurries.
Let's just say the kids & I have hardly gone anywhere this past week.
For more reasons than the bitterly freezing weather though...
The kids & I have been struggling with this nasty cold that is just taking it's good ol' time passing through our household. (Thanks a lot you not-so-fun virus!)

So I don't even need to say that we've been having lots of snuggle time.

The nights have been quite an adventure... it's been several in a row, where these 2 are up - coughing, sneezing, fussing & just don't want to go back to bed. We are all going to sleep well once this passes!

Lately, we've been enjoying lots of smoothies. It seems to help soothe the kids' scratchy throats. Not that the weather is necessarily "smoothie weather", but we love them no matter what season it is!

So thankful for these 2 cuties, even if they are super snotty & coughy lately.

Have a great Thursday! I hope you all are staying healthy & warm! :)

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  1. Hope you all start feeling better soon. It's been bitter cold here too lately and we have been staying in a lot as well. I'm not a fan of cold weather! Enjoy your weekend :)