Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Beauty

We will always appreciate the time we have lived here in the PA mountains!
We are renting a place, right in front of a creek & we can enjoy all the seasons & changes that we see with the creek.
Currently, it is rushing from all the rain we got yesterday.
In the summer, it's barely a trickle, but it fills up a nice water hole for swimming.

Last week, when the temps were barely getting out of the single digits, it froze pretty thick that Clint & the kids were playing on it. Me, I'd rather stay inside when it's that cold out.
Clint took some beautiful pictures that I want to share...

They probably were the coolest pictures I've ever seen that were taken with a cheap-o digital camera that's about 5 years old! 
Pretty cool, huh?! We think so too :)

Now it's off to start planning a mini-birthday celebration for my big 3 year-old this weekend! :)

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