Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rogue's 1st Birthday Train Party - Decorations & Food!

I loved preparing for Rogue's Train Party! I looked on Pinterest & through blogs & on Google endlessly for ideas. I'm not very creative myself, but I do a heck of a good job copying other people's ideas and turning them into my own!
All of these projects were handmade and used with stuff I had around the house!
This yellow sign was just cut out of a big cardboard box that I had. I painted it yellow. I then painted the black circle around the outside, the black x and then used stencils for the "R"s. Easy!

This railroad crossing sign was super easy as well! Clint cut me two strips out of plywood. I painted them white, and then used stencils for the letters. He glued them together once they were dry!

For the tables, I used Kraft paper from Michaels. We then used black duct tape to make railroad tracks on the tables! The blue pails were bought in the $1 section @ Target. I filled them with peanuts still in the shell for something different! They were a hit! We tied balloons to each of the pails.

You can't really see, but I had a train puzzle on the table and also the book "The Little Engine That Could".

This idea was totally copied from here. I put my own spin on it by painting the words on the boxes with stencils and black paint. They were just different sized shoe boxes wrapped in kraft paper.

Again, we used black duct tape to make tracks on the table. The toy engine part of the train, we already had so that was an easy prop!

I figured one of my crates would look great on the table to add some height. I put a train whistle on it, along with Clint's old train hat that he had as a kid!

This was also Clint's train when he was a kid. We used it as a prop on one of the tables! So vintage & sentimental!
I painted mason jars with mod podge & food coloring to get these colored jars! I love them! It was so stinking easy. They look adorable. I made several colors while I was at it! I put bubble gum, tootsie rolls, & twizzlers in the jars! You can't really see, but Chrissy made train chocolates that are in the back in a white tin! They were adorable! :)

This was the gift table and I just had to share the vintage suitcase that was a borrowed prop from my mother-in-law! I saw this idea here. I thought a vintage suitcase went well with a train (traveling) theme! ;)
We served: burgers, hot dogs, pickels, pasta salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs, chips (coal), pretzel rods (iron) & goldfish (sand). We also had jello - red & blue and then the various treats that I mentioned! The drinks were soda, waters, & juice boxes served in an old half whiskey barrel that was gifted to us! (Thanks!)

This was the cake that we served to everyone. I got it at Wegman's and it has the cute little picture of Rogue on it. I loved it :) And of course he had his own smash cake! (You'll see that in the next post!)

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