Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rogue's 1st Birthday Train Party - Invitations

For my big guy's 1st Birthday Party, we wanted to do something fun! We chose a vintage train theme. I'm not sure how "vintage" it was, but we surely stuck with the train theme!
Here are the invitations that I sent out:

They were fun to make! I got the idea, browsing the internet, at THIS SITE.
I copied alot of her idea with the invitations, but I also kind of made them my own.
{I will be more than willing to send anyone the ticket template
if you'd like! (I made it myself!)}
I used cardstock that I already had for the background. I did all sorts of earthy colors.
I then got a book of scrapbook paper from walmart that had a bunch of different "vintage" textures to it - some were brick, wood, stone, chipped paint. I loved it!
I then cut out & attached all the pockets from red checkered fabric and blue stripped fabric that I already had. I just hot glued them. I printed out wallet sized pictures and attached them with tape so people could take them off to use wherever!
I ordered this train stamp from Kmart. I stamped the scrapbook paper with the train punch. I then hot glued this onto the cardstock. I bought envelopes at Walmart that they fit in & sent them off!

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