Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rogue's 1st Birthday Train Party - The Birthday Boy

AND...last but not least - the birthday boy!

Getting the charcoal started!

Carly was in heaven with her favorite friends being here!

With the birthday boy!

He refused to wear his train hat! But the hankerchief was just a velcro one specifically to be worn around the neck!

Eating his meal!

Our fabulous cook!

Carly was too sleepy to eat :(

Smash cake...this was just the beginning

He had enough! He was covered in blue icing (why didn't I think of how blue icing would stain?! He was blue for a couple days...)

We had a GREAT day!
The weather was perfect - a beautiful sunny, 70 degree day!
Thank you SO much for everyone who came out to celebrate this special day with our family :) Thanks all who helped!
& a very special thank you to Chrissy for all of the pictures that she took for the party!

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  1. Looks AWESOME! Glad you guys had such nice weather!