Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Kitchen Corner & 2 Spaghetti Monsters

Since it's what I like to do, I thought I'd post some pics of the new apartment that we moved into at the end of June.
We really love it here. It has such a cozy feel. Although it is a second story apartment, that is completely upstairs, we have started to get used to it.

Everything I have & do is constantly changing & a work in progress. I'm working on finding my style in a chic way! :) Most of our things are handmade or seconds. I find it's a very fun way to decorate & it adds a lot of character to our home.
Since we are still renting, I try to use things that I can take with us when we move again. I'm also using things that I am hoping is defining us as a family with incorporating what I hope becomes "my decor".

This is our kitchen island. Right now, it's functioning just as our "paperwork" center in a kitchen corner. Very accessible!
(Somehow during the move, the bottom cabinet doors got off track, I need to get Clint to fix them!)
It was gifted to us for our wedding from Crate & Barrel. I love the butcher counter top & the white cabinets!
If we ever own a house, I would want our cabinets/counters to be just like this.
The backside of it flips out to be a little bar to put stools at. I do have some stools that I need to redo sometime. I'll save that for another post. For right now, we like it where it's at.

I painted the sign on the wall - it's 1 Corinthians 13 "Love..." It's amateur & I hope to get better at painting signs! I used stencils for it and just a tan colored paint for the words.
The memo board was a hand-me down from Vonnie! (Alot of my things were given to me from her, you will notice)

I love this little display.
The glass bowl I found at Goodwill. Right now I have my birthday cards in it. I'm going to switch stuff in & out of it for different holidays & seasons!
The empty frame I painted white. It has some beautiful texture to it. I think the white paint really brought that out.
& a simple white vase with a fake flower.
The white vase, a wonderful lady from our old church brought over with fresh lilacs in it & a meal, after I had Rogue last summer.
I also want to paint the green basket (seen in the 1st photo) white. The green just isn't working for me. That basket is usually our paperwork we are "using", as well as pens, our Bible, and the camera.

So that's it for tonight! I'm just going to take this one area at a time, to not let myself get carried away.
I mean, I do have a dear husband, 2 wonderful children, cleaning, laundry, cooking, paperwork, & all the rest of the busy-ness of life that is oh so demanding ;)

These are the 2 spaghetti monsters wonderful children I mentioned.
They wanted to just eat the meat sauce out of the pan, so we dumped the spaghetti in the pan & let them have at it! The end result: red tomato sauce, sticky sketti, & a bath...Gotta let them be little!

Thanks for reading & I hope you check back to see everything else I want to share!

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