Thursday, May 17, 2012

A little of this & a little of that!

The kids are monsters. Ok, not really, but I can't believe how crazy they can be sometimes. They are constantly fighting when they are both awak. Carly has been fighting her naps/bedtime & Rogue's mission in life is to make the biggest mess possible. Example: a simple gummy fruit snack...Rogue inhales all but 1 out of a package. The very last one, he sucks on, while in his hand. Blue, sticky, drooly mess!
 Not fun.

:: Despite the chaos, I wouldn't trade it for the world! There are so many sweet things that outweigh the bad, I just forget all the monstrous times. The blessing of being a mother is sometimes so great, I can't wrap my mind around it! ::

Rogue has been obsessed with his crocs. How stylish, I know! There is nothing cuter than a kid in crocs though, seriously. He goes back to his bedroom & gets them one-at-a-time. He then gets Carly's for her to wear too!

Today, he wanted to wear them when he still had his footie jammies on! At least they matched :)
I love how he comes over with his favorite duckey blankey, lays his head on my leg & sucks his finger.
 I love how he chases his big sissy everywhere.
I love his 6-toothed grin!
I love how he folds his hands at dinner when we pray!
I love his deep-voiced chuckle.
(If you heard it, you'd just know what I'm talking about!)
His favorite words lately are: " Da-da, duh (duck), sissss (sissy), Ma-ma, & buhh (ball)

And for Carly...
As we speak, she is avoiding taking a nap. Which gives mommy no time to herself. Naps are the glorious time of day for some me time. I'm going to have to start being a little more stern with her...she needs to sleep!
She's an adorable big sissy though! She takes care of Rogue so well.
Yesterday they were outside...wandering through the woods. Carly leading the way & Rogue trailing behind her.
She's been a Daddy's girl lately & let's just say how happy Clint is with that!
She talks about the lake, like it's her second home!
I love how she has to kiss her baby brother before he goes to beddy!
I gave her a little interview today that went like this -

Me: Carly, what's your favorite color?
Carly: PINK
Me: What's your favorite movie?
Carly: DORA
Me: What's your favorite drink?
Carly: Pink Juice
Me: What's your favorite food?
Carly: Dora Gummies
Me: What's your favorite toy?
Carly: I share my toys with Roguey!
Me: What's your favorite song?
Carly: I wanna love somebody... (Keith Urban's "Love Somebody Like You")

HOW CUTE! She loves PINK & she loves DORA! Mostly, she loves her little brother! :)
They truly love each other...and I have to keep telling myself that when they are pulling, pushing, & hitting each other!

On another note, I wanted to share my nails that I painted last night.
They aren't perfect, but just the girly touch that I needed! :)

Just an update: by the time I finished this post, I had 2 sleeping babes! Yay! :)

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