Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday is our Friday

...because Clint's weekend is Sunday/Monday! Just one day different from a regular schedule - can't beat that! :) This is a great song - we look forward to Sunday for many reasons!

The kids & I are just relaxing today. Not much to do around the house. I could grocery shop, but who wants to do that?!
Carly's favorite thing to do lately is play in Rogue's crib. He doesn't want anything to do with it while he's awake. Big sissy doesn't understand she yells through the house "Rogue-come-back-here!"
Rogue is just a monster, as we call him. He gets into everything. His favorite thing to do lately is go into the bathroom and play in the potty. AND pull all the toilet paper off the roll & shred it in pieces. And eat it. His first 2 bottom teeth are coming in, slowly but surely! He's turning into a toddler very quickly!
It is so amazing to watch them grow. Each day I notice new things they are learning!

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