Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...matchin' up socks, sweepin' up lost Cheerios that got away!

Love this song! It is so motivating! :)  I just have to chuckle at the beginning of the song, because what mother doesn't feel this way? It puts a new perspective on our lives to have purpose & meaning...

This week we're looking at rain & snow mix...until the end of the 7 day forecast. Ugh, I'm so looking forward to summer - who isn't?! If it's going to be winter, then snow! If not, then can we please have summer???

Carly & Rogue are currently playing inside the kitchen cabinet. Seriously. It started out as Rogue's idea, but big sissy thought she needed in on the fun as well! All of the tupperwares are on the floor and Carly keeps locking herself in the cabinet - hiding from Rogue. Rogue is actually the one opening & closing the cabinet doors. They play so well together...most of the time! :)

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  1. Love that song :) It really gives you a new perspective on the little things...