Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Will Keep Our Eyes on You

I just repinned this youtube video on my Pinterest Board & I wanted to share it.
After having an overwhelming morning, with a sick Rogue...I've talked to several other people close to me who are having some stressful times right now. With people upset about the election, family issues, financial issues, jobs, hopes & dreams being crushed, or just overwhelmed with everyday life...
I am so thankful for this life that we have. The food that God has always provided, the houses that God has always provided, the money that God has always provided, the people you just needed to hear from that God has always provided.
It sounds so cliche & like a pin on Pinterest, but Let Go & Let God!
Our God is Sovereign & He loves us so much.
He is in control!

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  1. You are amazing.......... So very proud of you......<3