Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday

Well hello there Monday, how are you?
Hello friends who read my blog!
Thanks! :)

Hello cupcakes at Miles Mt. Race Track

Hello bouncy thing - what a big girl!

Hello cousin Colton's dirt bike! Boy, it won't be long before Rogue is asking for one of these...
Hello Mr. Blue Eyed Racer!

Saturday we spent some time over at Mile Mt. dirt bike race track. Clint's cousin, Cameron, was practicing on Saturday. Rogue absolutely loved watching all the bikes, before he finally conked in Daddy's arms. It is VERY rarely that Rogue falls asleep in our arms anymore, so we both fight over holding him when it does happen...I lost, bummer. Next time!

Hello to another week in the heat of summer.
It's going too fast...please slow down!

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