Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!
We couldn't have asked for better weather - sunny & warm!
Clint's mom & dad came up for a short visit.
Saturday we spent the day at the lake. (what else, right?!)
Then we we had a delicious grilled chicken here at home, with dutch oven potatoes.

After dinner, we had a little big guest creeping up on us in the woods.
He liked what he smelled with the chicken cooking for a few hours & he wanted some.

A big, old black bear!
(It is so sad that this is the only decent picture we got of it. I wasn't thinking enough to run in & get our good camera - not knowing these pictures weren't turning out well)
We ended up watching him just on the edge of the woods & right onto our lawn for about 20 mins.
Carly saw him too & just loved it!
We're not thrilled that he was so close to the house, but it was neat to see!

It was hard to top that excitement!
Sunday we went to the PA Grand Canyon for a bit. It is always so fun!
Monday the kids spent the day in the kiddie pool out in the yard - unfortunately, Clint had to work.

We ended the holiday weekend with a cookout spread of bbq ribs, sweet corn, salad, & fresh watermelon/blueberries!
Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend :)

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