Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carly's Puggles Awards :)

Wednesday night we had Carly's Puggles Awards :)
It was such a fun night for us!
The Puggles group is the youngest of the Awana groups.
(Next year they are going to have tadpoles, so little Rogue can go!)

Carly only went 2 evenings - it's hard to get into a routine of going somewhere weekly, when you're not used to it. Sometimes we were just so rushed in the evenings, it didn't work out. Carly loved going & always told us everything she did when we picked her up. We were so proud of her. Dropping our firstborn off to the first thing that resembled [school] was kind of hard for us!

She got all dressed up in her pretty new dress & was so excited to go! :)

This picture is right before we walked inside:

Here are more pics of our big girl on stage. She sat like an angel, turned around the whole time, watching all the other kids:

Showing off her "award" bag:

And all her other goodies in her bag:

{I seriously tried to upload the super cute videos of the songs that they did during the program. It was so cute. One with motions & one with instruments. I couldn't get them to upload after several attempts. I guess they are too large)

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