Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

pleated poppy

I'm trying this for the first time & I am so excited :)
I am linking up for What I Wore Wednesday over at  The Pleated Ploppy.
It's a little Wednesday thing for bloggers to "link up" with outfits they wore over the past week! It's cute & encouraging to get us to get out of our jammies & sweats and actually put some effort into what we wear & do our hair! Most days, I don't get dressed...but since deciding to do this, I've really been trying to actually be apart of the rest of the world! :)

{The lighting is terrible in my house.
And since it was raining/snowing yesterday, I couldn't take pics outside.}

Green Tee - Target
Skinnies - Walmart
Scarf - Gifted from my momma
Brown Boots - Goodwill (Ruff Hewn) for $4!
Camo Bag - Reny's in Maine (American Eagle)

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